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Venice: Ca' Farsetti - 19 kB

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Date:13th century,19th century
Address:San Marco 4136
Current use:town hall
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The building plot of Ca'Farsetti was acquired by Renier Dandolo, son of the doge Enrico Dandolo, from 1200 to 1209. At the middle of the century, the palace presumably was finished and had, according to the reconstruction provided by Schulz (2004), a single piano nobile and a upper mezzanine, the former with a continous loggia, the latter with a series of square windows. The original plan shows a portego of type "T". Later, two front rooms were created by separating the portego arms.
In 1440, procurator Federigo Contarini bought the palace. The second floor and mezzanine date from the Renaissance. It was not before 1670 that the Farsetti family (Anton Francesco Farsetti) became proprietor of the building named after them. Among the modifications made by them in the 18th century (before 1750) are a grand staircase in the right wing. The Farsetti palace was seat of a notable collection of art, mostly acquired by Filippo Farsetti (1704-1774), and opened to the public in 1755. Having served as a hotel in the 19th century, the city acquired the palace in 1826. Soon, the rear part of the building was heightened. Federigo Berchet presumably was the author of the restoration of the main façade.

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