Bollani a S. Trovaso Palace


Venice: Palazzo Bollani a S. Trovaso - 18 kB

General remarks:

Date:1650 ?
Address:Dorsoduro 1073
Current use:Liceo Marco Polo
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While the floor plan follows the traditional tripartite venetian scheme, the use of doubled columns in the wide piano nobile loggia and vertical limestone bands with catridges in the second floor is of special interest. Most probably, the palace is a thoroughly modified older building. Bassi attributes the architecture to a follower of Andrea Tirali. Despite a temporary military utilisation in the 19th century, stucco works from the 1650s and the 18th century are conserved in the mezzanine. A new door was added during the 1981 restoration. The former garden is today paved and entirely disfigured by modern school buildings.

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