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Campo Manin Monument to Daniele ManinGothic housing as a part of Ca'Loredanbank building by Scattolin/Nervi Palazzo Moro Marcello Palazzo Contarini dal Bovolo Palazzo Pisani Revedin
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The place near the Rialto bridge is the result of a 19th century urbanistic reorder. Its predecessor, the Campo San Paterian, was named after a small church with a pentagonal clock tower and had lower-class housing. The current place is named after the 1848 revolutionist Daniele Manin, who was born in an adjacent house and whose monument is to be found in the middle of Campo Manin. The neogothic buildings on the north, dating from the 19th century and being used by the municipality, have been cored in 2004. Also the formally unobtrusive, large neorenaissance building San Marco 4225 dates from the late 19th century, while the monstrous bank building Cassa di Risparmio di Venezia by Luigi Nervi and Angelo Scattolin, built in 1964 and replacing an older fabric for the same use, is only another example of modern architecture in Venice that did not get beyond mediocrity.
A interesting gothic domus de sergentibus, formerly belonging to the Palazzo Corner Loredan, has its façade on the Salizzada San Luca. Among the other buildings, only the gothic Palazzo Pisani Revedin and the 16th century house San Marco 3717 are noteworthy.
The Contarini palace with the well-known spiral staircase scala del bovolo can be reached from Campo Manin via the Calle de la Vida.


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