Campo della Bragora



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Campo della Bragora Case a schieraPalazzo SoderiniSan Giovanni in BragoraPalazzo Gritti Badoer
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The place is also known as Campo Bandiera e Moro and is located in the Sestiere of Castello. It is characterized by its surrounding gothic buildings. The church of San Giovanni in Bragora on the east side was supposedly founded by Giovanni Magno, the bishop of Oderzo, in the 8th century, but the current construction dates from the 1470s. It contains a interesting Baptism of Christ by Cima da Conegliano. Palazzo Badoer, built probably in the 1420s and recently disfigured by a restoration, forms the northern side of Campo della Bragora. Adjacent on the left, Palazzo Soderini, also based on a medieval building. Another example of a gothic palace is the house Castello 3626 on the western side. Typical venetian housing, so-called case a schiera, can be found at the Calle del Dose (=Doge, Duke), connecting the Campo Bandiera e Moro with the Riva degli Schiavoni: in this case, the architect was Giuseppe Sardi, a follower of Longhena.
The alternative denomination of the Campo della Bragora recalls Domenico Moro and the Bandiera brothers (†1844), freedom activists at the time when Venice was occupied by the Austrians.


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